A trip by transport to Lake Kel-Suu

The flowing, fresh lake Kel-Suu is located at an altitude of 3514 meters above sea level, is located in the southeast and east of the Sarybeles mountains, in the west and southwest of the Kel tau mountains, on the western slope of the Western Kokshaal-Too ridge in the southeast Naryn region.
An almost meridional lake, of a blockage type, was formed from a strong earthquake, during the collapse of a mountain range. The length of the lake from southeast to northwest is 12 kilometers, taking into account the bends of the canyon.
From the south, the Korumduk River, 33 kilometers long, flows into the lake. After the confluence of the Korumduk River, after 2.8 kilometers, the lake expands to 907 meters. This is the widest place in the southern part of the lake.
For the most part, the lake is a winding canyon. The Korumduk River in the southern part of the lake spreads as a delta up to 645 meters wide.