Kol Ukok lake

Located 15 km from the village of Kochkor, Kol Ukok is one of the best addresses in Kyrgyzstan. With clear and cold water, this lake located in the middle of hills offers many possibilities for trekking. It is a quiet and ideal place to break away from your comfort zone while creating wonderful memories. While this site does not have great tourist attractions, it must be said that it is worth a detour. Find out below why you might want to visit Kol Ukok.

You can discover beautiful landscapes while crossing the village of Kochkor
Isolated from the city and littered with nomads, the village of Kochkor has nothing special to attract tourists. However, a well-planned trip to this region can be a source of satisfaction. After all, we don’t discuss tastes and colors. Everyone knows what they are looking to discover by visiting a given destination.
Upon arrival in Bishkek, it will take about three hours by taxi to reach the village of Kochkor. This is where the Kol Ukok is located. There are several agencies that will help you better plan your hike. All along the route, you will cross small streams which rather offer beautiful aquatic landscapes. It is recommended to start your hike early in the morning for the best experience, as the weather can change in the afternoon depending on the season.

Hotels and accommodation nearby

You will learn about the pastoral life of Kol Ukok and taste meals in yurts
Located in the northeast of Mount Terskey Ala-Too, Kol Ukok is about 17 m deep. To reach this lake, you will make a trek of a few hours on horseback. You will see local residents who enjoy fishing. The large number of fish they can catch per day is reminiscent of the miraculous catch. You can approach them to learn more about their fishing techniques and even buy fresh fish.

There are also heated yurts where you can taste some specialties of the region in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Food is generally inexpensive.

In the afternoon, you can go to the surrounding hills to get a better view of Kol Ukok. At the top of the hill, the 360 ​​° landscape offers magnificent views of the region. However, try to have a walking stick with you, the ground can be very slippery at times!

You can take a tour of Tor Lake to better admire the surrounding landscape
In conjunction with your guide, you can also take a tour of Tor Lake. It is located 450 m higher than Kol Ukok and allows you to better appreciate the landscape of the region. But, apart from this landscape and a small waterfall that hides in the scree, you will not see anything else in particular.

However, by making better use of your common sense and imagination, you can adapt very well to the landscape that awaits you. Crossing the scree currents until you reach the highest level, you will have access to a marvelous view above Kol Ukok. You can also take advantage of the calm that reigns there to meditate and change your mind.

When to visit Kol Ukok Lake?
When it comes to visiting a site like Kol Ukok, it is important to know how to organize yourself. Moreover, it is a duty for anyone wishing to explore a region in good conditions. Kol Ukok can be visited in all seasons of the year. But, you will have to take the weather into account when planning your visit. There are online platforms for this that provide information on the weather in different tourist destinations.

The equipment needed to visit Kol Ukok is determined according to the period over which you are planning your trip. According to trends, summer is the best season to visit Kol Ukok. The freshness of the waters is less violent during this period. Likewise, you might have the opportunity to witness wonderful flights of vultures or vultures.