Song kul lake

Son-Koul Lake
Located at an altitude of about 3,000 meters in the Tian Shan massif northwest of Naryn, Lake Son Koul offers a great opportunity to go hiking or horseback riding through breathtaking landscapes, populated by a few nomads grazing their herds.

A gem in the heart of the Tian Shan

Covering an area of ​​275 km² and 15 meters deep, this superb high mountain blue lake is considered the largest natural freshwater reserve in the country. Frozen for half of the year, its surroundings are deserted and welcome breeders and their animals only in summer, from June to September.

Surrounded by mountains whose summits can reach over 4000 meters, these pure and tranquil waters are revealed in a grandiose environment, the stronghold of many species of birds but also of some wolves, foxes, marmots and snow leopards.

The attractions of a hike on Lake Son Koul

Many are tempted to explore the large freshwater lake and for good reason! Surrounded by vast plains where the herds graze peacefully, the azure lake sparkles against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. Far from any urbanization, this most grandiose landscape where nature evolves at its own pace seems to have stopped time.

Beyond offering a fabulous panorama to all hikers, Lake Son Koul promises them unforgettable human encounters in summer, when its shores welcome the yurt camps of nomads who come with their cattle to enjoy the green pastures. This is the opportunity to spend one or more nights in these authentic homes and share unique moments with the breeders.

Sometimes, as the sun goes down, the lake shrouds in an astonishing icy haze and reveals a whole new face. At night, astronomy enthusiasts are at the party under an incredibly starry sky.

The green shores of the lake promise beautiful walks. You will surely meet some families, and some may even offer you a boat trip.

While staying at Son Koul Lake, be sure to observe the many species of birds that share the plateau with some wild animals and flocks.