Song Kul lake Horse Riding Tour

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Song kul lake is an alpine lake in northern Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 3016 m, and has an area of about 270 km2 and volume of 2.64 km3. The lake’s maximum length is 29 km, breadth about 18 km, and the deepest point is 13.2 m. It is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk Kul Lake, and the largest fresh water lake in Kyrgyzstan. Song kul lake, meaning “following lake”, is popularly considered to refer to this relation. Songkul lake is surrounded by a broad summer pasture and then mountains. Its beauty is greatly praised, but it is rather inaccessible.

The best approach seems to be the 85 km road from Sary-Bulak on the main north-south highway.Other routes require all-terrain vehicles. There are no permanent facilities on the lake, but local herders will provide supplies and rent yurts and restroom facilities.  High altitude Song Kul belongs to Naryn River basin. The lake sits in the central part of SongKul Valley surrounded by Songköl Too ridge from the north, and Borbor Alabas and Moldo Too mountains from the south. Hydrologically, Song Kul basin is characterized by poorly developed surface stream flows, and substantial subsurface flow. Four perennial rivers – Kum-Bel’, Ak-Tash, Tash-Dobo, and Kara-Keche – disgorge themselves into the lake. In the south-east, the structural high is cut through by SongKul river that flows into Naryn River.

  • 2-3 days horse riding trip to Son-KUl lake

  • 2 passes where you can see the panoramic view

  • Food and nights in Kyrgyz family’s yurt

Day 1

Arrive at Kochkor village and check in at the guesthouse accommodation

Day 2
Transfer from Kochkor to Kyz-Art Pass.Start horse riding and overnight in first yurt camp
Day 3
Go up to Son-Kul lake. Stay in yurt on the lake
Day 4
Coming back to departure point and transfer to Kochkor