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Our story

Jailoo Tourism Community is a community-based organization that organizes and provides tourism services. Since 2001, Jailoo Tourism Community has organized over 600 cross-regional hiking and horse riding tours. Today, with more than twenty years of experience, Jailoo Tourism Community is a recognized leader in this field.

Our values

Leadership, Innovation, Professionalism.

Our partners

Jailoo Tourism Community has established strong partnerships with government and international organizations, which is a confirmation of the recognition of the company at the national and international levels. In our work, we interact with financial institutions, donors, research centers and civil society organizations.

Our services and products:

Our services include:

  • Hostel/accommodation/breakfast.;
  • Overnight in a yurt [ 9 jailoo around Kochkor ];
  • Any itineraries;
  • From jailoo to jailoo;
  • From Kochkor to Son-Kul lake;
  • Transport, guides, translators;
  • Guest houses in Kochkor.
  • Handicraft shop.
  • The process of making national carpets.
  • Excursion to the salt mine.